Saturday, May 15, 2010

Baby Watch

It is officially my due date! (And has been for 6 whole minutes!)

I'm still feeling pretty much the same. No big signs of labor, but lots of little signs that my body is moving in that direction.

The most noticeable changes are in my stretch marks - they have multiplied, are bright red, crazy itchy, a bit raw feeling and are palpable raised welts. It looks like I was violently whipped on my stomach. Basically, it's screaming that it's at capacity and *someone* needs to move out. Monkey just needs to realize it's not going to be me.

My mom is out of town until Monday and I have plans to go see a movie on Sunday - so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a few more days. Of course, my doula then leaves town (but we also love our back-up) - so I don't know. Whenever it happens will be perfect, I'm sure.

We are starting to get lots of e-mails, texts, and calls wondering if the baby has arrived. I don't mind them so much - it's nice to know our monkey is hotly anticipated :) Well, except when they are from people that are on the short-short list of people who will absolutely know as soon as there is any indication that baby could be on it's way. For example, jb's brother has asked several times if the baby has arrived. Even my mom has not-so-subtly reminded me that she would like to know if I go into labor. The siliest, though is of course jb. Each night before bed she says, "You'll wake me up if the baby is coming, right?" And when she gets home from work each day it goes something like this:

jb runs up the stairs to our apartment, "Did you have the baby???"

I look at her as though she is insane.

She looks back at me expectantly, actually expecting an answer.

I say, "yes, the baby is upstairs if you'd like to meet it..."


  1. lol @ jb!
    hope Monkey gets his eviction notice soon :)

  2. Hilarious! And congrats on hitting your due date! Monkey will be here any minute!

  3. also laughing at jb - too funny! :D

    happy due date!

  4. Hilarious about JB! I read that part out to Susan and ww both giggled! good luck - hoping your little one comes soon!