Monday, May 10, 2010


Four days out from the 15th. Not only are we in the throes of preparing for monkey, but we are also going through some major changes on the cafe front. After a lot of agonizing we've decided to have the cafe open only on the weekends. There are a lot of reasons behind this shift (none of which are that we think this is a brilliant business decision) and it's not really our ideal situation, but it seems like the best choice for our current circumstances. We are pretty sad about it, and even though we aren't totally closed, we are still mourning the loss of the cafe in many ways. Today was the first day of the implementation of the new hours and it was eerily quiet in the house without the bustle of the shop downstairs - and poor jb is at a complete loss with what to do with the extra time she found herself with today (even if it was way less free time than the average person enjoys).

In other news, our friend Adam was in town over the weekend. Adam and jb worked together in DC (managing one of the busiest Starbucks in the country right in the heart of Dupont Circle). Adam was our #1 tiny porch barbquing, patio weather drinking, and hard-working barista buddy. It was good to see him, even if it was only for a short bit.

I'm still huge. The baby has learned a new trick where he/she stretches out and presses on both my bladder and lungs at the same time. It takes my breath away - and works my kegel muscles. Fun.

jb and I are still in love. Even if my mood swings are getting harder to dodge.

We are making progress setting up the "nursery" (which is really just a corner of our bedroom. We bought the changing table/dresser second hand off of craigslist for a great price - I just need to reattach the cabinet door.

We have enough diapers washed and ready to go. The catch is that most of them are "one-size" so they may be a bit big at first. We do have a few prefolds and xs diapers for those early days, though.

Our collection barely squeezes into one drawer!

And finally - we got the carseat installed. Nuts! We went to the workshop the police station offers - which was super helpful and the officer that led it was really nice. It does feel a little weird to be driving around with a carseat in the back of our car, but I suppose we couldn't put it off any longer!


  1. that carseat makes it all feel real doesn't it?
    I forgot but Mim reminded me the other day that we were so scared with Monster that she had to rush home the day we were going to be released from hospital, and figure out on her own how the hell you install a carseat! We were too scared to jinx it (how silly) so we didn't install it!
    You look wonderful - I can't believe you are so close to full term now!

  2. OMG, any day now!! At least you have so much done!

  3. You look great! Enjoy these last few days of couple-time. Monkey will be here so soon!

  4. you're the best.

  5. GP had that SAME car seat!!!

    it's almost time.