Sunday, August 1, 2010

11 wks.

Blogging from my phone and not digging it. This junk application only allows you to put one picture in each post. That just won't cut it - but will have to do for now.

Well. Life is nuts. Jb is in Philadelphia starting work and searching for apartments for us. Leo and I are staying with my parents (and siblings). They are taking excellent care of us and Leo always has someone hold him, play with him, or rock him to sleep (and he's sleeping like a rock with all this stimulation), but we are missing jb pretty badly.

Jb's apartment search is eh. Lots of great places in crappy locations and crappy places in great locations, but nothing perfect.

Earlier this week we celebrated Pops' birthday and Leo attended his first baseball game - no wait that was last week. Anyway, he wore an adorable Pirates onsie that I would post a photo of, but that would put me over my one photo limit.

Uncle Daniel is running the shop for now with some help from Aunt Lissa, but there is still no long term plan.

Jb starts her new job tomorrow and is adorably nervous, but I know she'll do great. She always does.

Leo is holding his head up like a champ and is getting really grabby - I have to make sure food/diapers/hair are out of reach unless I want them to be yanked. He began to notice Talula and follows her with his eyes wherever she goes (and is totally unaffected by her slobbery kisses). He has also begun paying more attention to his toys and even pulling them towards his mouth. He's fascinated by his reflection and will talk to himself in the mirror. He's overall adorable.

Jb gets back on Friday. It can't come soon enough. As much fun as we are having here, it's just so hard to be missing each other.

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  1. Wow, how did I miss all this? Leo looks adorable! I'm sorry it's so stressful and glad for the opportunity for your DW and your family. I'm sure you'll find a great support system - you sound like you all attract really cool peeps!
    Good luck!!