Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Social Butterfly

So after this past weekend's meet up I realized how much I liked the idea of hanging out with other moms/parents. The meet up group is great, but half the moms there were from New Jersey and not one lived in the city, so I was hoping to meet some people closer to home. A nearby yoga studio offers baby and me yoga classes - perfect! Most likely participants will be parents of babies who live in the neighborhood - and I usually like people who like yoga, so win-win.

I figured today is as good a day as any to walk over and sign up. So I fed and changed Leo and plopped him in a carrier (Beco today) and we set out for what I thought was a short walk. Unfortunately, I always forget that there are random streets interspersed between the number streets, so when I calculate a distance in blocks in my head (by subtracting the cross street numbers) it always ends up being double what I expected. So the walk was about a half hour long, not short but doable.

Unfortunately, they were closed when I arrived. I was able to see from the posted schedule that the baby and me classes are on Thursdays at three, so disappointed I headed back home with the intent to return on Thursday.

I was tired and sweaty and feeling sorry for myself because my trip was a bust, so I stopped into a cafe to have some lunch. As I was sitting there, another mom with a baby walked in. She struck up a conversation - and I'm so glad she did, because despite the whole goal of my outing being to meet local parents I was too shy to introduce myself. She seems really nice, also has a three month old and also just moved to Philly! We exchanged numbers and agreed to get together soon.

Maybe we won't end up being bffs (or who knows, maybe we will) but it was nice meeting someone - and I'm excited for Leo to have a playmate, too.


  1. Hi there. Your kiddo is ADORABLE! Do you like Philly? I was born and raised just outside of it. Leo's still little bitty, but the Crayola Factory in Allentown is awesome. (I'm sure you probably already knew that!) Please Touch Museum is amazing too. I so wish we still lived down that way (we live in NEPA now). Anyway, much love from the moms at

  2. I'm particularly impressed by his sense of jewelry style...

  3. so glad everything is going well! that baby is so cute! but I want to see more pics of the whole gang!! ;)