Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Well, we've been here over a week but still don't have Internet access (this may be because there are 20,000 students in our neighborhood also trying to set up their Internet connection this week also). So once again I'm posting a low resolution, single picture with a short post.

We've been busy with guests (yay!) and exploring the neighborhood. Abi has already clocked in two visits and on the latest one brought Leo a baby gym complete with bright plastic and flashing lights that he just adores.

Today Leo celebrated his first Labor Day (and 16 wks!) which was busy since jb's job is in the labor movement. We hit a parade and two picnics - and Leo behaved like and angel for the long day.

He hasn't been feeling great. He's been drooling up a storm, biting on anything and everything, a bit fussy, and just generally not himself. We are pretty sure there must be some teething happening, but nothing breaking through yet.

He's been experimenting with his voice which has resulted in squealing and a few more giggles. He often scoots himself right off the play mat on the floor, and he's begun sticking his but up in the air in preparation for crawling. He is positively smitten with Talula. Talula on the other hand likes him enough, but is much more interested in the adults in our household, so sometimes I hold food behind Leo's head so Talula will pay some attention to him.

Jb is working really hard and often travelling all over the state, so I've been a little lonely some nights. I joined a meet up group for new moms and went to a coffee gathering which was fun. I'm also planning in joining a fee other groups and classes to get to know some people in the area. Overall, our new life is really great an I'm enjoying getting to know our new neighborhood - although I am missing our Pittsburgh neighbors (from our very best friends to Lisa our postal worker - sigh).

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  1. What a great photo of his sweet smile.

    We miss you guys too. I know your pain. I felt the same way when we moved to Pittsburgh so I just used Eliot as a way to make friends with a meetup group, just trolling the neighborhood (and hanging in coffee shops! ;)