Saturday, October 23, 2010


We've had a big few days around here. The biggest news is that Leo sprouted his first tooth! It was a rough couple of days leading up to the breakthrough, but now that it's out he's doing much better (Well, there's another tooth on it's heels and it seems like he's getting a cold...but it's all relative, I suppose). About two or three days before it broke through he got a big bump on his gum, almost like a horn, and that's when the fussiness shifted into high gear. That's also the day we finally gave up on relying soley on homeopathic remedies and frozen teethers and gave the poor kid some tylenol. The next day you could see a little white line under the gum, and by the next day it was coming through. He's constantly feeling around the tooth with his tongue trying to figure out what the heck is suddenly in his mouth. It's hard to get a picture but here are our best efforts.

We emptied out our pumpkin and roasted the seeds. We are planning to carve it tomorrow.

Leo has cultivated a naturally occuring mohawk. It kind of snuck up on us - he slowly lost all the hair on the back and sides of his head, and the hair on top is less coars and more fluffy. If you look at this picture, you can see how different his hair is.

Also, our household participated in the purple spirit day to protest bullying. Gotta say, purple does seem to be our color.

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  1. I love his hair!! and i think the picture of you two looking into the pumkin is just precious!