Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pennsylvania Fall

And we are back in Philly! I can't say I love the drive back and forth across the state, especially when Leo isn't loving being stuck in the carseat for hours on end - but I'm very grateful that we are able to make the trip fairly easily and often. This time though, the drive was actually a treat - the leaves are turning and the day was clear and crisp. It was a lovely fall drive. It made me think of last year's fall drive - when jb and I were still just dreaming of what our baby would be like and I was pretty darn nauseated. What a difference a year makes.

The weather has been unpredicable this fall. We've been making lots of use of the umbrella in the diaper bag and we swapped out the sun hat for a warmer hat. Hopefully we still have a solid month of comfortable walking weather left.

Today's weather was gorgeous, though. We took advantage by going to Linvilla Orchards to pick our pumpkin. This is the lucky pumpkin that came home with us!

Uncle Daniel came with us.

Leo is not quite sitting on his own reliably yet, so we had to prop him up for this photo op (I know, I know, I'm mother's daughter) - jb said that this big gourd that wrapped around him is "just like a boppy" :)

We also took a hayride to tour the orchards. The orchards are really lovely - but Leo didn't see any of them because he was captivated by the hay. We couldn't get him to look up for more than a moment, he just wanted to play with the hay.

Yesterday we attended a conference for LGBT families. It was organized by Philadelphia Family Pride and was held out in Bryn Mawr. It great to meet other families in the area and attend workshops geared toward LGBT families.

The best part of the conference, though was this:

I can't believe Leo is five months already. We did break tradition and did not order pizza last night, instead we ordered Thai to celebrate this fifth month. In just one short month Leo will be starting solid foods - and will be half a year old! Wow time goes quick.

Leo is super curious about food and drink. He watches with complete fascination whenever one of us is eating something (especially apples!) and can't get enough of watching us drink. Water bottles are perhaps his favorite toy.

Or at least they were until recently... We've recently invested in our very own Sophie the Giraffe. Everyone raves about them and Leo has been chewing on everything to soothe his gums, so despite my hesitance to spend $20 on a squeaky chew toy, I picked one up when we were at Happy Baby Company. SO worth it. Leo adores it. He loves that he can hold it easily, he loves that it squeaks, he loves the sound it makes when he's chewing on it, he just loves it. It has quickly become a diaper bag essential.

And of course I'll leave you with some more shots of Leo the Lion from Abi's photo shoot.


  1. thanks for a lovely day, family.

  2. Anonymous10/20/2010

    LOVED the video. :-) So much joy.

    Non creepy (I swear) lurker from Pittsburgh who frequented the cafe from time to time.