Saturday, November 20, 2010

Places to go, people to see

Here we are. The second half of the first year. Leo has gotten very talkative lately. He's talking to us, to his toys, to Talula and even to himself in the carseat. Usually it's something along the lines of "babababababa". I love hearing his voice. Love it. (Remind me of that when he's two...) He's laughing a lot more (and at the silliest things - like if I say just about anything repeatedly) and he's developed a love affair with mirrors. He's been intrigued by them for some time - first with his own reflection, then with the reflection of whoever was holding him - but now he wants to make out with his own reflection - which is so so so funny to watch.

He has also ventured into the wonderful world of solid food. He's had some banana, avacado and mango. It's been a mix of purees and small bits for him to try and feed himself. He loves the whole process - the spoon, watching us take a bite, the airplane, the anticipation...but he doesn't seem to actually enjoy having food in his mouth. He'll open wide for the spoon (over and over) with so much joy - but then seems totally shocked when we deposit food into his mouth. He just freezes, holding his mouth open and makes this face:

Same with the small pieces. He'll play with them and squish them, but as soon as we put one into his mouth - frozen with a look of shock and mild disgust. Well, we'll keep gently encouraging him - but I'm certainly in no hurry to push the solids. I love that he's still a little baby in so many ways.

We came in to Pittsburgh early to surprise Grandpa for his birthday - and boy was he surprised! We missed having Aunt Fanny with us to celebrate - but she sent the awesome fruit bouquet that we all devoured.

Abi had to go to work shortly after we arrived. She's a flight attendant and goes to work for several days at a time - so we won't see her again until Thanksgiving! Leo couldn't bear to wait that long, so he tried to stowaway.

Leo also met his cousin for the first time. Little Isis is only six days old and Leo seemed like a giant next to her. She is beautiful, and soft, and has a great head of hair.

Leo was very excited to see her from a few feet away...

...but tried to eat her if she got too close. (Actually, I'm pretty sure he was giving her kisses, but Isis wasn't convinced.)

Leo also got to see his cousin Adonis. They hadn't seen each other since we attended Adonis' birthday a couple months ago - and Leo was much less interesting then (especially with a houseful of kids!). I hope we can continue to get together regularly. I would love for Leo to have kids in the family to grow up with.

Today we met up with Lisa, Danielle and little Preston for a playdate at My Little Outback. They have a baby area with a ton of fun toys and soft blocks and Leo had a blast. By the end he was so tuckered out he fell right to sleep in the car. Leo and Preston are only a month apart (which seemed like a lot four months ago, but now they are practically twins! - I swear we didn't coordinate outfits on purpose).

Leo played, and played, and played, and played. At the end he was rubbing his little eyes, but still was scooting from toy to toy.

And finally - here are some pictures of the turtle costume complete with the (formerly missing) head. It's a cute head - no? It kind of makes the costume! Ah, well, better late than never!

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