Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Half A Year

Leo turns six months today. Unreal. What a huge freaking milestone. Half of an entire year. He's going to be starting solids. He's already scooting across the room in a flash. I can't believe my little tiny baby is growing up so fast.

The last few days have been challenging. I'm not quite sure why. I think we are in between bouts of teething. He's still a little stuffy, but is clearly feeling much better. Maybe a growth spurt? All I know is that he's been resisting sleep like nobody's business. I try to anticipate when he'll be tired and he won't nap. He stays up and is clearly tired, but still, he won't nap. He's screeching (he's taken to making this high-pitched, ear-piercing scream) he's so exhausted, and still the kid won't nap. If by some miracle I do get him to fall asleep, he wakes up after about a half hour. Bedtime is not much better. It's driving me crazy and making him miserable.

In other news, I've been doing some crafting in order to welcome a couple of new babies into our lives. Leo has a new cousin (Welcome Isis!) and some dear friends of ours recently had a new baby (Welcome Parker!). We are hoping to get to meet them over the Thanksgiving trip to Pittsburgh. Now that I'm becoming a pro at making knock-off babylegs, I figured I could whip them up a pair of those - but it didn't seem like enough. So I thought maybe I could use the extra sock material to embroider their initial onto a onesie. It took a while to figure it out - the stretchy sock material is hard to work with! But after a couple dumb mistakes (cutting out the "P" backwards and sewing the two sides of the onesie together) it worked pretty well. I hope they like them!


  1. wow, i am totally impressed! those are SO cute!!

  2. ah youre so creative! they are super cute!

  3. What a great gift, idea! Care to share a tutorial on how you made the babylegs?

    6 months is tough...teething is hard and seems to come and go a lot after 6 months. Hang in there!