Saturday, November 13, 2010

We are happy, We are happy on this day...

Today was gorgeous. It's mid-November and the temperature was nearly 70 degrees. We took advantage by taking a long walk through the neighborhood. We stopped by Milk and Honey to join in the monthly sing-a-long. The post title is the chorus of the first and last song we sing there. (Aunt Fanny and Uncle Jared have accompanied us to these sing-a-longs in the past, and they can vouch that it's a pretty good time.) Leo like the singing, but especially loves watching the older kids. Leo also loves shopping for produce. It must be the colors and textures - but several times during the toughest parts of teething I'd throw him in the carrier and walk over to the grocery store and let him explore the fruits and veggies. Speaking of fruits and veggies - Leo is just days away from turning six months old which (in addition to be half of an entire year!) is when we plan to begin introducing solids. Yikes.

Did I mention today was gorgeous? The sun was shining, the temperature was perfect, the leaves were beautiful.

Leo and Talula are bffs these days. Leo scoots right over to her bed or crate and Talula proceeds to lick him from head to toe. It's a little gross and a lot cute. I'm really glad we have such a gentle, patient and loving dog. I'm never worried she will snap at him or even growl. Of course I keep a close eye on them, but Leo could take food right out of her mouth and she wouldn't skip a beat. I am trying to set some boundaries because I don't want him to think all dogs are like this and reach into a strange dog's food bowl. Still, I'm so glad he's going to grow up with a dog, and I don't think there could be a better suit dog for him than Talula.


  1. Erin Mackin11/14/2010

    You look absolutely gorgeous Sandra!

  2. Im so glad to hear that those two little rascals are getting along! you look beautiful in your pictures!

  3. Anonymous11/14/2010

    I've been out of the blog loop he really coming up on 6 months already?!?!?!
    Love the baby and dog friendship. It's baby and cat(s) in our house, but also cute and gratifying.