Sunday, December 26, 2010

Scenes From Our Holiday: Take One

So far it's been lovely. Here is the run down.

We kicked off the season with Leo falling off the bed. We took him to the Doctor just to be sure, but he is fine. We were just all a little (lot) scared.

We started telling him about all the exciting things in store for him: "We're going to see Abi, and Grandpa and Pops and...." and "We are all going to cook a big big dinner and bake cookies" and "We are going to sing and dance!"

He seemed pretty interested.

We took a nap (sitting up) before hitting the road.

On the road we took turns attending to our potty needs.

Then we arrived and saw ABI! And more and more family!

And everything was decorated so nicely. And there was a cozy bed waiting for us (and even a cozy bed for Talula).

On Christmas Eve we baked cookies - and made a mess. The batches went pretty smoothly - except for the thumbprint cookies. My mom forgot to double the flour and they turned to butter puddles as they were baking - so they became twice baked thumbprints when we tried to salvage them.

Making Russian Tea Cakes - daddy's favorite.

Then on Christmas morning we had full stockings.

Stocking carnage. Books, underwear, socks, chocolate, a harmonica and homemade bubbles!

Then we exchanged gifts.

Leo's favorite was all the wrapping paper. Of course.

He was also pretty impressed with the doll that Abi got him.

We considered trying to transport a fish across the state twice, but opted instead to write an IOU.

Christmas morning naptime.

Then in the evening even more family came over and we got to eat that big meal that made the house smell so good all day.

Daddy's brussel sprouts were one of the biggest hits.

All in all a great success - but we do still have New Year's, Three Kings, and Orthodox Christmas to go, so we are resting up for round two!


  1. omg, the christmas morning nap photo is beyond sweet. looks like ya'll had a lovely holiday!!

  2. great post! it was like a story book :)