Saturday, January 1, 2011

Best Year Ever

This was absolutely the best year yet. I started it out pregnant (turns out I love being pregnant!), and about midway through we welcomed the most amazing tiny, little, itty-bitty newborn into our lives, and then for the rest of the year we watched him grow into the smart, active, funny, mischievous baby he is today. So so so much has happened this year, but most of it can really be boiled down to Leo. So many firsts, so many milestones, so many amazing moments. Watching Abi, Grandpa and Pops effortlessly slip into their roles as doting grandparents and our siblings shine as Aunts and Uncles. Learning things about ourselves and getting to know this amazing little person. I want to recap every moment - but that's what archives are for, so I'll spare you. Basically, this year has been incredible and I'm looking forward to many more good years ahead.

Other notable things from the past year:
  • Snow storm - In February we had a crazy snowstorm fondly referred to by many as "snowmageddon". It was a disaster for many left without heat or electricity, but for us it was kinda awesome. The cafe became a gathering place for neighbors who lost power and wanted hot cocoa or soup. Talula and I took a walk through the neighborhood which was transformed into a winter wonderland.
  • Job #1 - jb got a job at a local non-profit. This was the first step in our (still in progress) recovery from the financial mess of the year before. jb was good at it, valued by her coworkers and earning a paycheck.
  • Generosity - I guess this is somewhat Leo related, but I think it deserves its own bullet point. This year was full of love and generosity from our family, friends, and community. We had two amazing baby showers that totally set us up for everything we could possibly need when Leo came along. We had amazing support on every level - from food delivery, to doula services, to company, to hand-me-downs to...well, everything.
  • Niagara Falls - I went on a road trip with my parents, brother, and sister to the Canadian side of the falls. I was pretty pregnant at that point, so I was slow and a little grumpy, but it was so great to get to spend time with them all like that before Leo came along.
  • Camping - Soon after welcoming Leo my whole family joined us for a week-long camping trip. We hiked, swam, kayaked, campfired, bocce balled, puzzled, and generally enjoyed each other.
  • Bye-bye Aunt Fanny - Aunt Fanny set off to spend some time in Mexico. We miss her tons but are super glad that we have phone, email, facebook, and skype to make the distance seem non-existent.
  • Philadelphia/Job #2 - We moved across the state. In like a week. jb was offered a good job out of the blue that needed her to start asap. So we up and moved to a new city in a leap of faith. So far we are liking Philly and beginning to make friends and find community. I am grateful that we are still close enough to Pittsburgh to visit about once a month so that Leo (and we) can see the family and loved ones regularly.
  • The Boys - Uncle Daniel has joined our household, which has been great because three adults to one baby seems like just the right ratio; two isn't quite enough. Also, since we are in Philly we have gotten to see a lot more of Uncle Jared who lives in DE.
Epic Year. How did it compare to 2007, 2008, and 2009? Best Year Ever.

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  1. pretty good year.

    thank you lovely and leo - and everyone else who makes everyday a memory.