Saturday, December 18, 2010

Seven Months

Leo turned seven months yesterday. He's holding steady at two teeth. He is continuing to scoot like an inch-worm all over the place and show very little interest in crawling. He will crawl a few paces and then drop back down to his belly to scoot to where he's going. He's trying to pull himself up on everything now that he's learned how. He wants to always be standing.

His hair is growing in so now it doesn't look so much like a mohawk, but more like a bad toupee. He's eating more and more food and his poops are getting stickier and stinkier.

His babbling now includes "dadadadadada" and an extremely high-pitched "didididididididi". He was fascinated by his first snow.

Apparently he LOVES Christmas carols - I do not know where he gets this. His sleep schedule still leaves something to be desired. It seems he thinks that when I put him down at 7-8 at night it's really just a nap and he'll wake up again at 10 pm ready to party. He visited his third state (NJ!) when we crossed the river for some errands. Since we were already in NJ, we figured we had to get some NJ pizza to celebrate the seven month mark.


  1. As a native New Jerseyan, I fully believe there is nothing better than pizza from my home state. And living in Chicago, I miss it dearly.

  2. ah what a beautiful 7 months it has been! so many changes!
    keep the mohawk going!