Sunday, December 12, 2010

This little monkey bumped his head...again...and again

So this is how it's going to be from here on out, huh? Now that Leo knows he can pull himself up, he wants to pull himself up on everything all the time. I'm torn between wanting him to explore/learn/practice and trying to shield him from all danger - ever.

Obviously I stop him when he's pulling up on something that is unstable (the bouncer is a favorite) or otherwise clearly dangerous, but still, he manages to fall 4-5 times a day now. Most of the falls are pretty tame, but at least once a day one of those falls involves crying and this pitiful screaming that breaks my heart it's so full of fear - and I just can't handle it.

I'm trying to give him plenty of time in his crib and pack'n play so that he has a steady rail to hold onto, a controlled environment, and a cushioned fall. Of course he still manages to hit his head and face in these relatively safe places, but it greatly reduces the incidents of scary head bumping.

I think it's so wonderful that up until now he really didn't understand what it meant to fall or that he should be afraid. I do realize that it's important to his development to learn this, but I do wish I could keep him this sheltered just a little while longer. I'm trying not to hover too closely and give him space to work on these developing skills, but man, I can only watch the kid tumble so many times. He better get good at this standing thing soon.

In less stressful news, jb is back home. Yay! Also, Leo finally broke out his highchair. This highchair was a gift from Uncle Jared and Uncle Daniel a whole year ago and we all have been patiently waiting for Leo to be big enough to use it. Geez, it seemed so far off back then!

Well, it's a hit. Leo enjoyed some sweet potatoes and cheerios in it tonight. Have I mentioned that he's growing up so fast?


  1. Oweeeee!!! Hooray for the highchair! I guess you can expect him to try to escape from that too!!

  2. I'm bursting with pride and joy.. for all of you! What a wonderful, warm family leo has that he is growing up with. all of those bumps and bruises are always followed up with some hugs and kisses.