Friday, December 10, 2010


So today when I was preparing to give Leo a bath I placed him in his crib while I ran the water. I often put him in his crib while I put his clothes and diapers away or if I need a safe place to plop him while I do something I can't do while holding/wearing him. So I left my little naked baby playing happily in his crib, laying on his belly. A few minutes later when I walked past the doorway to the nursery, this is what I saw:

Yikes! Of course this happens while jb is out of town. After his bath I tried to get it on video, but it seems there's a good reason he chose a naked moment to debut this skill. Clothes really get in the way :)

He has been showing interest in pulling himself up for a little while, but I haven't really been allowing him the opportunity to do it because he has had a couple spills (one of which resulted in a little bruising around his eye) and also because I'm just not ready...but ready or not, he is moving forward.


  1. Oh Sandra this is incredible!!! I can't wait to see you guys again.

  2. Wow!!! That video is amazing!! Looks like it's time to lower the crib mattress! :-)