Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It's one of those uneventful weeks when there's really nothing new happening. I don't want to neglect updating the blog, but I also feel silly outlining the mundane day-to-day events of our lives. But I suppose you wouldn't ever read this blog if you weren't interested in the details of what we had for lunch. (Pears and oatmeal for Leo and broccoli and hummus for me, for those of you that are on the edge of your seat.) When I think about who my audience is on this blog, I think it's twofold: friends and family (specifically those who care about the mundane details of our lives) and us (so that we can look back and have a record of our lives, and one day Leo can read about the times he can't remember - or even before he was born!). There are moments when I think it would be neat to have a blog with public appeal (maybe a craft blog, or a cooking blog, or a parenting blog) but I'm most comfortable having a blog that is really only interesting if you know and care about us. I originally began blogging when my family left for Mexico so that they could read and see everything we were up to - now, while it's great that our loved ones can read along with us (especially now that we are in Philly), I find that I'm blogging mostly with Leo and our future selves in mind. Still, I'm so glad to have you reading along, family, friends, fellow bloggers, and creepy internet lurkers.

jb is still working hard - sometimes from the office, sometimes out of town, and sometimes from home. Today she had to go out of town for work so Leo helped her get ready early this morning.

Leo and I went to yoga. It's amazing how much better it is now than in the early days. The first few times we went it was not relaxing at all. I was so focused on Leo - and to be fair he was still pretty darn needy - that I couldn't get much out of the practice. Not to mention that I had barely thought about yoga for my last trimester of pregnancy and the first three months of Leo's life, so I was pretty out of shape. Now it's really great - and Leo seems to enjoy it also. Helpful hint from Leo: yoga is so much better without pants.

Leo is really becoming a book lover. I have to admit that I use books as my lazy mama trick. When he is crawling all over the place and I don't really feel like getting up to chase him yet again - I'll crack open a book and begin to read and he will stop, turn and look at me, and (9 times out of 10) crawl back towards me to listen. He also likes to flip through them on his own - of course he's still a baby, so he also likes to bang them and even chew on them if I'm not looking.

This week's "my baby is growing up" moment comes courtesy of his shoes. We keep his shoes on the window sill and when he was a newborn they fit perfectly on the ledge (0f course he never wore any of those shoes). Now his shoes are getting a lot more use, but they are teetering on the edge of the ledge and I'm pretty sure the next size up will no longer fit on the window sill.

It's funny to think of his feet as big compared to a few months ago - they are still so little.

I skipped our playgroup on Monday because our hot water wasn't working and I like the other moms too much to subject them to my unshowered self. Breastfeeding support group was cancelled because of the snow. Basically, we've been laying pretty low between the weather and, well, the weather. jb, Uncle Daniel and I are taking turns planning weekly menus which has helped cut down on the "what should we have for dinner?" run around and also streamlined our grocery shopping. Having three adults in the house who love to cook makes for lots of great homecooked meals, which is something that I'm very grateful for. I love that Leo sees us preparing and sharing meals every day - and he sure loves to help/watch us cook. So that's pretty much the rundown. Throw in some singing, dancing (I need to get this kid dancing on video!) and hot cocoa and you've got our week.

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  1. Ooh I wish we had even one adult that liked to cook!
    I love that you and Leo are doing yoga. And reading to him is not lazy - you are teaching him language skills and a love of books! He will be a smart verbal and literate kid!!!
    You go mama!!