Thursday, March 3, 2011


Whoa. What a trip. This post will mostly be a photobomb with minimal commentary.

Travel day.

Abuela's House

Aunt Fanny's baby bootcamp ;)

Mexico is a Catholic country...
Meeting Ittai for the first time - last time I was in MX Luly (his mom) was pregnant and leo was one month shy of being conceived. I'm so glad they got to finally meet!

Aunt Lissa.
Tio Jose. My godfather :)

Lacho and Diana's house.

Baby's first Taco. Tortilla, beans, avacado, and cheese.

My mom and her sister.


Leo loves balloons. And Abi.

Most days ended like this. Conked out.

Tepoz. My favorite pueblo magico.

The kid loved juices and smoothies. Here he is drunk on green smoothie.

Conked out again.

Typical Abuela's house bath. I bathed like this many a time.

More Abuela's house and Aunt Fanny.

Joshua loves balloons, too.

I didn't have much love for my ring-sling before this trip, but now I adore it.

Carmelita's house.

Carmelita and my Abuela were best friends before my Abuela passed away.

Abuela's front door. And the doggies that were dying to befriend Leo.

Outdoor concert.

Conked out again.

Morning sunshine.

Lacho and Diana's house again. (Now with Lachito!)

Tio Sergio.


Nursing in the sunshine.

More green juice (and ring-sling)

More Tio Jose (my godfather)

Yep, you guessed it - conked out again.

Sensory development (aka - fun with yogurt) in Aunt Fanny's baby bootcamp

Baby in a basket.


Tio Alejandro.

Prima Maria Jose


  1. LOVE! i wanna hear more about DF

  2. LOVE the photo bomb! My ring sling is slowly gaining some love for me! I just love our Ergo and wrap! But the ring slings rock when OTHER use them!

  3. Beautiful pics! Leo is so cute!!! Love that he played hard and slept hard!
    Sweet! Wish I could rock the ring sling - but we finally mastered the Ergo this week - I know it took us forever!! What's the trick? When I put her in I think she is going to fall out the bottom!

  4. Hi Claire! I felt like that at first, too. I watched a bunch of youtube videos and practiced in front of the mirror. I just try and make sure his knees are higher than his butt and that there is fabric all the way to his knees!