Sunday, February 13, 2011

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Tomorrow is the big trip. Wish us luck. We are all packed up.

jb and I tried to celebrate Valentine's Day early (since I have a bad habit of leaving the country on V-Day). We made lasagna from scratch - and we made sure to use turkey meat and whole wheat noodles so Leo could have his own helping. We shared a lovely and delicious meal with our valentine trio.

The next morning, Leo woke up at seven, as usual. We laid in bed together for a bit and sent Aunt Fanny a happy birthday picture. Then, all of a sudden the kid projectile vomitted. Whoa. So we comforted him, cleaned up and began to wonder if it was something he ate, or what. Then he threw up about six more times. I would not have believed he had that kind of stomach capacity. Poor thing was so afraid. Then jb and I started to feel sick. I was freaking out. We can't all have food poisoning! We have an international flight in 20 hours!!! But jb and I didn't get too sick and after Leo's vomitting bout (and one VERY stinky poo) he seemed to be much better. So we are back on track.

Leo sure is ready for some warmer weather!

We are leaving in six hours. Ahhh. I need to get to sleep.


  1. Good luck - have a great time - and dear god, please send some of that weather to Chicago!

  2. i miss you guys already. please have so much fun on your adventure, and send my love to everyone there.

  3. I hope you got some sleep!
    Have tons of fun - we want lots of lovely photos!!