Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Little Treehouse

Over the weekend we took Leo to The Little Treehouse and he loved it. I thought he would be too little (at 10 months) to get very much out of it, but he was crawling from toy to toy and was enthralled watching the bigger kids play.

I'm not totally convinced it's worth the $8 cover charge, but during the off peak hours they wave the admission if you order food. I found the food to be pretty darn good - but the children's menu left a little something to be desired. Although, I think that's just the nature of children's menus; they are all mac'n cheese, pizza, and spaghetti. There are some good snack and side options, but I wasn't super impressed with the entrees. I'd love to see more vegetables.

I did really like the toys they had available for play - lots of wooden and fabric toys - nothing that lights up or plays music. Overall, I'd say it was a great place to check out; he had a blast, jb and I loved the food, and with the no cover charge option, we will absolutely be back.

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  1. Oooh That place looks amazing and we'll be driving right through that area on our way to Ses.ame Place this summer! I might stop to check it out!!