Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We are taking full advantage of the nice weather (although I heard a rumor it's supposed to snow tomorrow. March is so weird.) Leo loves being outside and he loves to eat. The kid was born to picnic.

We are taking lots of walks.

Two heart-melting things that Leo has begun doing:
1. Offering us his food. He tries to feed us when he's really enjoying a meal. His favorite meal time exclamation is "guhhhh" which I'm guessing means "good".

2. Signing "more please" for kisses. Once he mastered the sign for nurse/milk he began to use it for everything. Food, toys, being picked up, etc. So we began introducing more signs, and he now uses "more please" the most. Well, he was signing "more please" and I couldn't figure out what he wanted more of. After a few times of him signing it after kisses, I put it together and gave him more kisses and he laughed and signed it again. Oh it nearly killed me it was so cute. Now it's a game we play almost everyday.

As for sleep - I've been spoiled up until last night. (Although, tonight it's after ten and we are doing great - knock on wood.) I think he's got some new teeth coming through. Man, I'd been hoping we'd be getting a break after the last rash of teeth. He is pretty consistently sleeping an hour at 10 am and at 2 pm and staying in bed between 7 pm and 7 am. He may wake up once or twice to nurse, but goes right back down usually. It's not "officially" sleeping through the night, but I'm happy with it. While we were in Mexico several people commented how he was like a little timer - at about ten minutes to 10, 2, and 7 he got a little cranky and started rubbing his eyes. You could have times the trains by him.

Last night was a rough night, though. He was up and down, crying, tossing and turning. We gave him tylenol when nothing else was working, but until it kicked in he was a mess. The only thing that could calm him was the night light that Grandpa got for him. He loves this thing. It's often the only that will distract him from a crying fit.

Leo also has a new best friend, E. Leo is generally a fan of older kids, and his new friend E (who joined us at The Little Treehouse) is so sweet with him. You should have seen them having a tea party! I also love that they have matching serious faces in most of the photos of them :)

Well, after raving about how awesome it was that The Little Treehouse had such great wooden and cloth toys - I went and bought a plastic, noisy, light-up table from Second Mile. It was pretty groady and didn't seem to work - but it was three bucks. After about an hour of detailing with an old toothbrush and antibacterial soap and some new batteries it was as good as new. Leo LOVED it. He loves that he can stand while playing, he loves the lights, and the songs, and all the little buttons and gizmos. Best three bucks I ever spent.

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