Monday, April 11, 2011

Kindred Spirits

(Please read all captions in deadpan baby voices)
This is great fun, isn't Leo?
Why, yes E.  Quite exhilarating.

So, I had mentioned that Leo has a new best friend.  I said it somewhat tongue in cheek, since, well, he's a baby; but the more time these two spend together the clearer it is that they are a great pair.  Leo is lucky enough to have several babies and kids in his life - between friends, family, and playgroup - but I think he has a really special connection with E.

Have a stick, young Leo.
First of all, Leo is pretty picky about who he graces with a smile, or even attention - but he cannot get enough of E.  He is always watching her to see if she's looking at him.  He flashes her smiles and chatters to her. 

Second, E shares his serious demeanor.  It's clear that they are having a great time, but they both have these no-nonsense faces. 

Then there are the moments of unbearable cuteness. Leo holding out a flower for E to smell.  E pushing Leo on the swing.  E's patience with Leo even after the third time in as many minutes that he's grabbed her hair.  The adorable kisses good-bye.
Higher, E, higher.

Generally, Leo is a pretty hard nut to crack.  On top of that, he's at that baby/toddler developmental phase where he's not so good at the "gentle" thing, so I tend to hover closely when he is attempting to interact with babies his own ageor younger.  So it's good that E is a little older and sturdier than his younger friends (not to mention that her parents are pretty laid back).  It gives me the ability to step back and watch his first real friendship blossom.


  1. First friends are the BEST!

  2. I'm in love! How wonderful! How old is E?

  3. This cracked me up!!