Saturday, April 2, 2011

Twofer - TDBC Days 1 and 2

Day 1- (April 1) Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts
Today at Smith Playhouse

1. I met my true love, jb, ten years ago while we were both attending U Pitt.

2. I’m very very close with everyone in my immediate family - and so is jb.  This makes for a close knit thirteen person clan; which is awesome, but also chaotic at times. 

3. I am left handed.

4. I’ve never had a speeding ticket – or even a parking ticket.*

5. I was a doula for about a year before Leo was born.  I trained before he was conceived and practiced right up through my third trimester.  It was such a blessing to have a structured and in depth study of the birthing process leading up to pregnancy and birth.  It was also so amazing to have a community of doulas to draw support from during that time.  Seriously, every pregnant person should get to announce their pregnancy to a room full of doulas - it's incredible :) 

6. I fell through the ceiling when we were renovating our house – straight through to the next floor – just like a scene from The Money Pit. 

7. jb and I lived in DC for five years and I miss it sometimes. Especially during cherry blossom/patio weather season.

8. I have a collection of frog figurines – some of which I inherited from my abuela’s collection of frog figurines.

9. I love brunch. I wish I could have brunch everyday.

10. I thought my birthday was cursed until a few years ago when my whole family got together and we had an incredible week-long camping trip on a lake. Curse broken.  New tradition born.

11. I cut jb’s hair and butcher it every time.

12. I had awful vision until I had lasik surgery – so worth it.

13. 13 is my lucky number. 

14. I got my nose pierced at a dive tattoo shop by the side of the road outside of Atlantic City, NJ.

15. Sometimes I think I might be living the greatest love story of all time.

Day 2-Meaning behind your blog name
The name of my blog right now is West Philly Mama - that is pretty self explanatory.   I'm a mama living in West Philly.  This name is fairly new, though.  For years it was Pleasantly-Furious, and that is still the web address.  Pleasantlyfurious is a handle that has been with me since my college days when it was chosen for the love of Ani DiFranco from the lyrics of Brief Bus Stop.  That seems so funny to type now.  At this point it's been with me for so long it seems a shame to cut it loose, and I do still like the activist-y implications.

*This may be because I’m terrified of driving and never learned how.


  1. Um... I think I should re-edit my Day 3 post to include Ani DiFranco as my first love. Seriously. I was with her until about Reveling/Reckoning and then we had to part ways. I couldn't dig the new vibe, though I hear some of her more recent stuff is good.

    But I (weirdly) heard Shameless on the radio the other day (indie station, obvs) and I swear I was a giddy 15-year old again.

  2. Thanks for the explanation! Would never have guessed the PF part but the words fit!