Sunday, April 3, 2011

Today in Food

Some of my favorite posts to read are about what other people are feeding their babies/toddlers.  There are so many healthy options out there, yet several times a week I find myself staring into the fridge wondering what the heck to feed my hungry hungry hippo.  So I'm returning the favor and sharing our day in food.  I should note that Leo is still nursing quite a bit, so we are still of the "food for fun under one" philosophy.  Also, the pictures do not necessarily reflect his actual serving size (sometimes more, sometimes much less) or the way I serve him.  He usually gets a few pieces on his high chair to try and feed himself. 


Leo: Mini Pancake (I made a batch last week and froze a bunch so I can quickly defrost them one at a time for his breakfast) and blackberries
Me: Blackberries and cereal with milk


Leo: Fruit and cheese
Me: Fruit and cheese  (and a bagel with cream cheese). 


Leo: O's cereal
Me:  There may or may not have been an iced coffee drink from a national chain.  I debated leaving this out, because usually I at least have the decency to go to one of the dozen awesome, local, independent coffee shops within walking distance of our house, but today we were out running errands and the call of DD was just too strong.  


Leo: starts out with some peas to keep him busy while we cook.
Whole Family: Whole wheat pasta with hummus and veggies.  Leo's had some squash babyfood mixed in as well since the asparagus was a bit too stringy for him. 

I try to match up Leo's meals with mine as closely as possible.  First of all because it makes my life easier, but also because it reminds me to eat well.  Now Leo is in bed and I'm blogging and sneaking in some chocolate covered almonds (we get the industrial size package from Costco - and they are incredible, if dangerous to have in the house).  I'll be sure to share the recipes for the pasta and the pancakes in a separate post.

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