Tuesday, August 9, 2011

West Philly Review: Talking Headz

Last week I took advantage of my sister being in town (free babysitting!) and got my haircut (for only the second time since Leo was born - yikes!).  I'd been hearing great things about a local salon that just opened up on Baltimore Avenue (near the corner of 47th), so I thought I'd try them out.

I called Talking Headz and they were able to fit me in that same day.  (Note: Don't use the "schedule an appointment" feature on their website because they aren't checking it yet.) It's a good thing, too - because my hair was out of control!

The space is great.  I love the teal color on the walls and the decor is fun with great artwork everywhere you turn.  The bathroom was nice, clean and spacious and the reading material was not your standard beauty and fashion crap (I flipped through an issue of vegetarian times while I waited). 

What impressed me the most, though was the kid's area they set up.  A small table with a roll of paper, crayons and some books and toys.  A really nice touch for parents who often can't find the time/childcare to get their haircut. 

Sabrina, one of the owners, cut my hair and did a fantastic job.  Like I said, my hair was a disaster - crazy long, all one length, frizzy with split ends.  My only request was that it still be long enough to pull back, but otherwise I was open to whatever.  I wasn't expecting a miracle, but she really took her time with my forest of hair until an actual style emerged.  By the end of the cut there was a pile of hair on the floor about the size of a large cat.

I love the length and layers I ended up with.  I've lived with the cut for a few days now and it really is so much easier to manage and much more flattering.  Losing all the bulk also released some natural curl that has been fun to play around with.  I'll definitely be going back! 


  1. sounds great and i agree it was an awesome cut! (but i think i may stick with my in-house barber)

  2. prices for a dry cut range from 20-30. Mine was $30 - fair enough considering the amount of hair.

  3. I got a much needed cut today too! Yeah for Mom time!