Friday, September 16, 2011

16 Month Update: Favorite Words

I climbed this tree when I was a little girl
Today marks 16 months of having Leo in our lives.  It wasn't the best day because after a nice long break, we are teething again.  Back in February (while in Mexico) he cut five teeth in six days bringing his grand total to eight and then all was quiet on the gummy front.   Well, now there are at least three (probably five) teeth breaking through and again he has stomach flu-like symptoms - diarrhea, vomiting and fever.  Poor kid.

Since my last monthly update was so complete (read: long) I'll try and keep this one brief.  (Note from the future: it didn't work)

While we were in Pittsburgh Leo got to see the farm my dad grew up on when we had a family cookout there. 

Chasing the chickens

Leo was super impressed when Uncle Steve showed up riding a tractor

beep beep

Currently our favorite game is filling in words in songs.  I'll begin singing a song and I'll stop short and he will fill in the missing word.  It's so cute; it melts me.  Sometimes he will get silly and fill in "cup" for every word and that is also hilarious.

Uncle Julian!

Uncle Jared!
 His language is exploding every freaking day.  It's incredible.  It's changing so quickly - I feel like I'm already missing "the cute way he used to say" certain words.  One of the words that evolved especially funnily is "meow".  At first it wasn't even a word - it was a sound that sounded like a gasp for air.  The first few times he did it I thought he couldn't breathe and was very concerned - turned out that's just how he said meow.  It was freaking hilarious, I'm kicking myself for not catching it on tape.  Then he was able to say "meow" but he said in this low, dramatic, sad-sounding voice every time.  It kind of sounded like a grown man crying.  Again - not on tape.  Now, he says "meow, meow" like a champ.

gato gato gato - that is all I heard while in pgh

So I'll round out this post with a list of endangered words that he says in funny ways - and a couple that just make me smile.  Oh, I never want to forget how cute his speech is right now!

first tea party - a success despite sitting on table and guests
 Words Leo-style:
  • amos - vamonos
  • althou - I love you
  • oola - Leo
  • booboo - blueberries
  • papa - pizza (and pasta sometimes)
  • papo - zapato
  • hap - help
  • pla-pla - hybrid of banana and platano
  • oh-gurrr - yogurt (I can't quite capture this one in letters...)
  • oopa - oops
  • oh-oh - uh-oh
  • tlula/tlu - Talula
  • heh ju - Hey Jude
  • huh - hug (with a throaty h)

Shopping for hats

Words he says rather well, but still make me smile:
  • cup
  • zoo
  • meow
  • toot-toot
  • oh no!
  • lluvia
  • uncle

And finally, finally - here is a video that shows our singing game (I'm expecting a call from American Idol any day now...) as well as "oola" for Leo and "althou" for I love you.


  1. That video is adorable! Leo's verbal skills are impressive for a 16-month old.

  2. So great. Thanks for sharing the video.

  3. just found your blog through Madigan Made- I live in Philly (well, in the burbs) as well! I am also a stay-at-home mom. Your son is precious! Great blog- and hang in there with the teething!!! Have you tried hyland's teething tablets? amazing- instant relief.

  4. Hi Julie! And welcome! We've tried the humphrey's tablets (I think they are pretty similar to hylands) and they did help a lot. And we do try to exhaust our options before reaching for the ibuprofen. Thanks for stopping by!!