Friday, October 14, 2011

Housekeeping: Comments, Social Media, Monetization, OH MY!

A couple of housekeeping items before returning to our regular program.

1.  I added a new comment widget (don't freak out, mom.  I promise it's very easy to use!).  I love comments.  Like a lot.  I'm so grateful when people take the time to comment on a post and I'm hoping this tool will make it easier for me to respond to comments and interact in a more meaningful way - so keep 'em coming.  Thanks!

2.  You may have noticed the little facebook and twitter buttons in the right column.  If you are on either of those sites I'd love it if you'd "like" the blog on facebook and/or follow me on twitter.  I try to keep the updates for each separate, so each has some unique content as well as notifications of new posts.  I'm really not spammy!  I swear!

3.  Up to this moment I have not made a cent from blogging, nor have I tried to.  Not an ad, not a freebie from any of the places I've reviewed, not a sponsored blog post.  It's not that I'm against it - I just haven't felt like it fit.  Well, lately I've been hanging out with the cool crowd in town, and it's given me the opportunity to attend workshops about blogging, learn more about opportunities that are out there, and network with some super-awesome women. 

So over the last few months I've been thinking more about what might work for me and this blog - and I'm not totally clear on those parameters yet, but this stellar post over on Making Lemonade echoes a lot of thoughts on the subject.  So, as I move forward and navigate these opportunities I would like to promise up front that:
  • My number one priority is my readership (which includes, my family, friends, neighbors, larger community - and hopefully, eventually my children) and I will not be disingenuous with you.  
  • If/when I choose to pursue an ad/sponsor/campaign it will be in line with my values/beliefs and be something that I either already use/love or believe I have the potential to. 
  • That I will disclose any compensation (monetary or otherwise) as openly as possible.
So on that note, the bathrooms are down the hall and please feel free to chime in with any questions. 

Thanks again for reading along. 


  1. Makinglemonadeblog10/14/2011

    Looks great, now go get 'em!

  2. LOVE IT. And this blog. Rock on, sister.

  3. Love it! I totally already liked WPM on Facebook ages ago. Do you offer cookies for that? And not the computer kind. Like the real thing? Oh, and WPM is no Word Per Minute. Who would like that?

  4. burggraaf10/17/2011

    Are you loving the widgets? I frequently check in (although not as much over the past 3 months as I'm new-momming-it) and particularly enjoy your foodie posts! Keep up the good work...I admire your dedication to update every few days! Amazing!