Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Savage Squirrels and Pumpkin Carnage

 Remember our pumpkins?  The ones we so carefully chose on our trip to the orchards?  The ones Leo and Aunt Fanny so happily hollowed out?  The ones whose seeds we roasted and ate?  And finally, the ones that I so lovingly carved for our family? 

Well, they are gone. 

After Aunt Fanny left I carved our three pumpkins - one for me, one for jb, and the small one for Leo.  Names on one side, faces on the other.  I then placed them on our back balcony (thinking that they might get smashed if I put them at our front door - ha).  You could see them from our living room window and Leo would pull back the curtain, point and say "kumpa!" (pumpkin) every so often. 

Well, not four hours later I went outside to find this:

Tragedy!  We never even got to see them lit up at night!  It was those ferocious squirrels that are always scurrying back and forth on our balcony.  I just know it.  And the little turds were all Goldilocks and the Three Bears in the process - it looks like mine was too stringy, jb's was too tough, but poor little Leo's was just right and they ate it all up. (Aside to jb: see, this is why we need a cat!  Although, I wouldn't be surprised if those squirrels could tear apart a lion.)

I'm tempted to go get one more pumpkin and just keep it inside so Leo can see one lit up.  He was pretty impressed even without a candle - so I'm guessing it might be worth it.  I doubt he remembers last year's pumpkin, so it will blow his mind.  But I'm not trekking all the way out of the city to a farm for this one - the produce truck will have to do. 


  1. i think those pictures are way to graphic !

  2. I so appreciate the commiseration. And mom - I'm very sorry, you are absolutely right. Next time I'll include a warning before posting something so gruesome.