Thursday, January 19, 2012

Junebug Update: 18 Weeks

This pregnancy has been so very different from the first time around.  Aside from being significantly sicker during the first trimester, I've also been much more tired.  I may have Leo to thank for that - he is full of energy, that kid.  I have been napping with him every day, which helps a lot.  A few times I've tried to resist napping and 45 minutes into his nap I'm struggling to keep my eyes open, so I still end up napping, just for a shorter amount of time.  I've learned not to do that anymore.

We've begun calling this little one "bug" (you might recall we called Leo "monkey" in utero) partly because of the Junebug-ness and also because several times during the first trimester I was SURE I had caught some kind of stomach bug because "there is no way a tiny baby is making me this sick!"

I've been emotional - which I was last time also, but this time feels different.  Last time it seemed silly and irrational, like I could almost step back and know I was being a bit hysterical even if I couldn't stop it.  This time it stems more from my actual insecurities and feels way more real/personal.  Luckily, jb is a pro at reassuring me.

Being a bit more active has helped me feel even better now that the nausea is all but totally gone.  I am having some heartburn at night (especially if I overeat at dinner) and have a good deal of hip and ligament pain.  I'm peeing several times at night, which drives me crazy - but I'm just remembering to be grateful that the bathroom is right outside the bedroom door rather than on a different floor like last go round.

I'm starting to feel the baby move regularly - still just a flutter, but it's been really nice.  With Leo all I did all day everyday was think about the baby in my belly - but this time I'm so busy taking care of Leo that it's hard to find time to meditate on this new baby that will be joining us.  With Leo I was that obnoxious pregnant lady that when asked how far along I was would answer "18 weeks, three days, four hours" and this time around I have to think hard to round to a month answer.  I know that's just life, but feeling that little flutter a few times a day has helped me feel like we have a special secret connection that has been harder to capture this time around.

My belly is much bigger than it was last time at this point.  Of course, it's mostly a pre-existing condition, but it's no longer as suck-in-able as it was a few months ago.  I'm not really feeling too photogenic, but hopefully I will get a picture  in the next couple of weeks.  I'm also hoping the nesting instinct kicks in soon, because I have a list of projects as long as my arm that I'm hoping to tackle in the next few months.


  1. Heather Schugar1/19/2012

    Feel better are nearly halfway there!

  2. Love that you learned that you do need to nap!

    I'm pretty sure the uterus likes to pop out once it knows what goes down. I'm obviously pregnant to those who know me at 11 weeks this time, but perhaps that's also the back-to-back twins?

  3. many congrats! And naps are so important during pregnancy. it is amazing how much they help. feel better soon!