Saturday, January 28, 2012


We just finished a week of self-imposed quarantine because our house was hit with a stomach bug. It was equal parts awful and not-so-bad. I won't go into detail of the less fun aspects - as I'm sure most are familiar with the downsides of the stomach flu.

On the bright side, though, Leo and I got some serious cuddles in. He was thrilled by the fact that he could watch tv everyday and eat as much cereal as his little heart desired.

I wouldn't jump at the chance to go through it again, but in the grand scheme of things it was bearable.

Today we ventured out into the unseasonably warm weather to celebrate an impending new addition to a family we are close with. (So awesome to have friends expecting around the same time as us!)

Hopefully this week we can get out and about and back on top of life. Thanks so much to those that were brave enough to visit us during our lonely week :) we surely would have gone stir crazy otherwise!

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