Sunday, February 19, 2012

Adventure House

"We'll get there fast and then we'll take it slooooow, that's where we wanna gooooo, up to the Poconos..."

Adventure House
Last week we got a call from our cousin saying that her family couldn't use their timeshare in the Poconos and offering it to us for the week.  So nice!  Unfortunately, we couldn't swing the entire week because of other commitments - but we could free up a few days, so we packed up and headed to the mountains for three days.  We didn't know anything about the place and what we would do while there - AND jb still had to work, so we weren't sure how exactly this little vacation would go.  We didn't want to oversell it to Leo, so we just told him that we were going on an adventure.  

After saying things like, "We need to pack for our adventure" and "We are making these muffins to take on our adventure" - eventually everything took on the adventure moniker.  He called the condo our "adventure house", the muffins were "adventure muffins" and even the naps were "adventure naps".

The timeshare was super cute - complete with kitchen and laundry.  Leo wasted no time in making himself at home.  Most of the time we just went about our day as usual - except it was so nice to have jb working from nearby.

Snack time while daddy works

Watching daddy make dinner

going up and down
(and up and down) the stairs

We also indulged in some special activities - like swimming.  Leo LOVED being in the water; and was completely fearless.  I had trouble keeping up with him in the shallow water - he would just zip from one end to the other, and if he fell and his face went under, he would pick himself right back up, wipe his eyes, and keep going.

"I swimming!"
More swimming

All that swimming required lots of baths
to rinse off the chlorine
 We also built fires in the fireplace.  Well, sort of.  We couldn't actually get a fire going, but we set a lot of paper on fire around logs in an attempt to make a fire.  Either way, Leo thought it was amazing.

Leo's rule was that he had to stay on the carpet
 We "played basketball."  We didn't really think he'd get much out of this, but since he was so fascinated watching the big kids play we borrowed a ball for a bit - and jb and I were both surprised by how much he liked it.

Toddler shooting hoops

This was his favorite part of basketball

More swimming - in the deep end!
Picnic in front of the "fire"

Leo's first hot cocoa
Ok, so the hot cocoa was really just warm milk with a touch of cocoa powder mixed in, but I did float three mini marshmallows in it.  Leo was pretty impressed.  He also really liked the idea of picnic-ing on blankets on the floor.  It made the leftover rice and veggies we brought with us suddenly exciting again.  Gosh I'm going to miss it when making him happy isn't so easy.  Leftovers and setting some paper on fire made him think we were the coolest parents ever.

It was so nice to get away - even if it was just for a few days, even if jb had to work.  Especially since we are expecting bug in June - our last (only?) vacation as a family of three - just the three of us...  I'm so grateful for the generosity of our cousins - it was such a lovely, unexpected treat!


  1. So great! I'm glad you guys got some real fun family time in before the big change. My heart melted reading about how everything was adventure themed! Too cute!

  2. He was so into the adventure-ness. He cracks me up.