Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bug Update: 30 Weeks

29 wks
 Here we are at 30 weeks and things are going pretty well.  I am huge - it's hard to believe I have 10 weeks to go.  As I've mentioned before, this pregnancy has been much different (read: harder) than my last.  Still, overall I am doing pretty well.  I'm still moving around (if slowly), my blood pressure is good, my mood is normal-pregnancy-level choppy (but not out of control), and I'm feeling lots of kicks, bumps and hiccups in there.

My glucose screening came back elevated so I had to do the 3-hr diagnostic test.  Thankfully jb took the day off work and accompanied us - otherwise I wouldn't have made it.  I don't know how I thought that I could fast all night, take Leo on public transportation to a blood lab, and then entertain him there for 4+ hours while they slowly drained my blood while I was hungry, moody and tired.

The good news is that the test came back negative - so no gestational diabetes (yay!), but I'm still trying to focus on low-glycemic index foods to give my body a break since it does seem to be a little more sluggish than usual at processing simple carbs.  Not as  much fun as my preferred sweet tooth indulgent diet plan, but I'm not willing to risk my and bug's health.

28 wks: big belly carrying my long and lean boy 
28 wks: sibling cuddle on the bus
 My major complaints are upper back pain, exhaustion and trouble getting up without help.  Oh, and itchiness!  I'm so so so itchy.  I did have my liver function tested and it's fine, so it's probably just dry skin.  I've been obsessively moisturizing trying to combat the itchiness.  My belly button is more shallow than it ever got last time - which is kind of cool.  No noticeable new stretch marks and the ones left over from last pregnancy are not red and angry, yet.

30 wks: large and in-charge 

 Leo is still pretty excited about the prospect of the little brother/sister.  He recently tried to feed bug a sweet potato fry through my belly - too cute.  He is also generous with the kisses to my belly and will sing bug songs.

30 wks: Celebrating Easter
A friend recently gave me her snoogle pillow, which honestly I wasn't convinced was going to be much better than a regular extra pillow, but it has really helped me sleep.  And well, sleep is golden.  I'm still napping when Leo naps and not staying up too late - but for the first time in my life I find myself having trouble falling back to sleep after waking in the middle of the night (which courtesy of my bladder happens a lot).

Basically, I think I can hang in there another 10 (8? maybe?) weeks and am really looking forward to being a family of four.


  1. Oneluckyduck20004/18/2012

    The snoogle tried to kill me. True story! Glad you like it!

  2. Meinemo4/18/2012

    You look great! Love the pictures.

  3. Wow! I stepped away from the blog for an entire pregnancy. Congratulations!