Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just A Month Shy of the Big T-W-O

Next month Leo turns two.  I can hardly believe it.  He's this awesome/challenging mix of baby and big boy.  One minute he's running full speed down the hallway yelling "no-no-no-no" and the next he's curled on my lap nursing and tucking his toes into each other like he has since infancy.

Recently he has had a lot of extra energy (or maybe the third tri has depleted mine to the point that it just seems that way? No, jb and my mother agree...) and has been really asserting his independence.  It's been challenging and for the last few weeks I've chocked it up to travel/exhaustion/new place/break in routine/adjusting back home - but we've been home for a week now and he is as energetic and willful as ever...so maybe this is just our new normal?

On the other hand, he does seem to be working on those 2nd year molars - and has even woken up screaming with both hands in his mouth a few times - so, perhaps it will pass when the teeth break through.  Either way, it's our current reality, so I'm trying to find ways to balance his toddler vitality with my pregnancy sluggishness.

Language: He's been strongly constructing sentences in English for a while - but now he's speaking in sentences in Spanish as well.  Basic colors are down, numbers and letters are mostly there - better in English than in Spanish.

Hobbies: He is still loving painting.  He always wants to have music on in the background and picks up lyrics and melodies in a snap.  Reading is still a favorite - his current obsession is a book of animals that Grandpa got him.  He loves being outside and can spot a playground two blocks away.

Appetite:  His appetite is still hearty, but he's getting pickier about what goes in his mouth and when.  He will push my hand away if he doesn't like what's on the fork (drives me nuts) and will drop his food in his water or on the floor if left to his own devices.  My good little veggie lover is demanding cereal for every meal (of course I'm not complying).  Every bite becomes a negotiation.  Although today he did eat a good deal of broccoli and salad - so I'm not complaining too much.

Activity:  Have I mentioned he's energetic?  He loves running (so fast I can't believe he manages to stay vertical), jumping, spinning, jumping and spinning, kicking things, throwing things, climbing.  We are working on defining appropriate contexts for these activities...because I can't deal with much more climbing up on me and then spin jumping off.

Overall, he's a great kid.  I know I have it pretty easy - and am grateful that my biggest challenge right now is the moxie and vitality of a healthy toddler.

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  1. jackie4/16/2012

    TWO! Can you believe it?! What a cutie - and I love how bright and verbal he is!!