Friday, April 6, 2012

Mexico 2012

We are safely back at home.  We had a long (due to flying stand-by) few days trying to get home, and Leo had a bumpy transition back into life back at home.  He was a total trooper about being away from jb for so long and the airport waits, long plane rides, and bus rides - but once we got home it was clear that he wanted to make sure he and jb were never separated again.  Even a simple trip to the bathroom would lead to crying.  He's mostly back to normal - but is still keeping a close eye on jb.

Despite that little bump, the trip to Mexico was a total success.  We got plenty of vitamin D, ate lots of delicious food, saw some people we love, and Leo's Spanish catapulted from shy nouns to full sentences.

Here are some highlights:

Bath in Abuela's sink

bittersweet - probably his last sink bath

Abi wearing Leo at the mercado

Abi carrying in our purchases from the market



Leo loves watermelon

snacking in the yard

backdrop of Abuela's house

Exploring the neighbor's yard

My little Mariachi 

28 wk belly

Artesanias Expo

Cuernavaca Cathedral Grounds 

Cousin Love

Walking with Abi


Calle!  Calle! Calle!

Baby's first ice-cream

Flavor: Avocado

Clearly a hit

Watering the plants with Abi

Hot Cakes for breakfast!

Playing with Tio Jose

Reading with Abi

"Coffee" = Steamed Milk w/ Cinnamon 


Quesadilla de Chapulines (Grasshoppers)

Examining: Bug or Snack?


Spinach Smoothie to wash them down

Swimming in the yard

Elote (corn) with mayo, cheese and chile

Can't wait until we can do it all again - next time with bug in tow!

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  1. What a fabulous trip! I love the pictures with Abuela - precious!
    I cannot imagine flying so far with a toddler! We barely make the 2 1/2 hr car ride to the mountains. But, I suppose if we had started much younger with the boys as you have with Leo it would be (nearly) second nature.