Saturday, May 5, 2012

NYC Trip Recap

We had a great time in New York (despite the fact that I can't walk a block without getting winded and I'm battling some annoying back pain).  I was worried that Leo is too young to really appreciate it - but he was VERY impressed.  I do wish we'd been able to tackle more, but I think we did alright considering we had to break each day for nap time, it was rainy and I was rather slow-moving.  Here is a quick recap of what we did:

1.  The Toy Store Experience.  We hit up both Toys'R'Us and FAO Schwartz.  This was great because it was rainy out and Leo is too young to really ask to buy things - so we were able to leave empty handed.  Leo LOVED dancing on the big piano and checking out the train table (FAO).  He was a little intimidated by the big dinosaur (took a lot of convincing for him to turn his back for the picture), but was thrilled to ride the ferris wheel (Toys'R'Us).  

2. Times Square.  And really, just walking the streets in general.  Leo was mesmerized watching the cabs, buses, people, dogs, pigeons, signs, and vendors.

There's a lot to see - making it hard to get him to look at the camera

3. Central Park.  We hung out by the pond in Central Park South and he was very happy to be able to run around a bit.  We climbed on rocks, collected rocks and watched some baby goslings.

4. Hotel Time.  We had a teeny tiny room - and we planned on only being there for night sleeping and naps, but I had a day that my back hurt so much I couldn't walk (felt much better after a hot shower and some ibuprofen), but Leo was pretty happy that he got to eat snacks in bed and watch TV - so win.

5.  Train Ride.  Even though this wasn't supposed to be a highlight of the trip, Leo exclaimed to anyone that would listen, "I'm riding a train!"

Things that we didn't get to but are at the top of our list for next time:

1.  Staten Island Ferry (Free! and a boat ride! - I am so bummed we didn't get to this)
2.  Museums (Natural History and Met are first two choices)
3.  Main Library
4.  More Central Park
5.  Playgrounds (Madison Sq. Park sounds fantastic)

Thanks so much to everyone that gave us suggestions via Twitter and Facebook.  I was really happy to be armed with a list of free/cheap and super fun things to do.  With some nicer weather and a little more energy I'm hoping we can get back to finish off the list!


  1. Tami G.5/06/2012

    Sounds like fun! We are planning a day trip to NYC in a month or so-- we'll definitely borrow some of these suggestions!

  2. MarthaPA5/08/2012

    Looks like a fun trip! Even as a 15 yr old, the best parts of trips for my daughter is the hotel room and just hanging out!