Tuesday, June 19, 2012

All's Quiet On the West Philly Front

Definitely still pregnant.  Two days away from my due date - and I had been so very sure that this baby was coming early.  In fact, I neglected to make father's day plans because I was sure we would be newborning it up by then.  Luckily, some of our neighbors hosted a casual brunch in their backyard and didn't mind us RSVPing at the last minute (I was so sure we wouldn't be able to make it!).  So a lovely morning brunch with friends, followed by a family nap and take-out from our favorite Chinese restaurant made for a sweet, if low-key, father's day at our house.

Last night my sister arrived!  She will be here a little over a week - and hopefully bug will arrive during that time.  She hasn't even been here 24 hrs and she has helped me (ok, I watched) clean, sweep and mop our bedroom, go through all my clothes, assemble our bedframe, and set up the bassinet.  Who needs a nesting instinct when you have sister bootcamp?  For the first time in weeks my inner monologue is not, "Come on, baby!  When are you coming to meet us already?" but rather "Just stay put another day or two...we have a lot to do out here!"

39.5 wks

So other than whipping the last loose ends into shape - we are waiting.  My due date is the day after tomorrow.  Oh, how sure I was I was going to go significantly early.  Oh, how little control we have over these things.  Oh, how swollen my feet are.  (I couldn't get FLIP-FLOPS on this morning!)

Leo is happy happy happy with both Uncle Daniel and Aunt Lissa under our roof.  The house is not feeling as claustrophobic as I had anticipated with four adults, a kid, and a dog.  Bring on the newborn and additional family!  


  1. Hooray! I'm glad Larissa is doing what she does best! She is quite the little helper! Sounds like you guys have a lot of hands on deck and baby will be bouncing around from hugs to kisses in no time!! Good luck with waiting out these last few days! <3

  2. Gerbtam6/19/2012

    Thinking of you 3 as you wait!

  3. The amount we got done is outrageous. I feel ready not only for bug - but for the upcoming move, too!

  4. Thanks! At this rate you might beat me ;)

  5. Larissa Telep6/27/2012

    hahaha sister boot camp! hahhha