Wednesday, June 20, 2012

State Of The Daddy

Remember a few weeks back when I did a State Of The Big Brother and a State Of The Mama?  Well, I'm sure it seemed that I had forgotten jb, but actually I hadn't - it has just taken a bit longer to round up her answers.  I'd figured that I should just cut my losses and try again for the next round - but jb surprised me and got it in just under the wire.  (Or I'm guessing it's just under the I'm starting to worry that this baby will be 2 weeks overdue and turn from a June Bug into a July Bug...)

Without further ado, I present to you The State Of The Daddy.  My comments in red.

How are you feeling about the arrival of bug?
I’m so excited to meet bug outside of your belly, and so grateful for the opportunity to add to our already wonderful family.  So proud of you and Leo.

What is your biggest fear?
I’m not really fearing anything right now.  Similar to Leo’s impending birth – and many major things in life – there are plenty of people around to list the things that will be so hard / that I should be afraid of / etc.  I don’t doubt that bringing bug into our home and growing our family will bring challenges, but I’d rather meet them as they come than have concerns overshadow how happy I am about our changing family.   

What are you most looking forward to?
Hard to say.  Maybe our first family nap?  Also, taking some of the baby carrying off your plate, being able to pitch in a little more concretely, and, hopefully, you getting a bit of a break from this tricky pregnancy. (I know moms will judge me on this, but you know what I mean, right?) Yes :) And I think we both know how lucky we are that this counts as "tricky" in our pregnancy experience.

How is work going?
Work is crazy, as always, but good.  I actually just had a switch in my positions, and am taking on a different set of responsibilities.  So, just like at home, I’ll be navigating a transition – and, just like at home, I’m trying to focus on the opportunities over the potential challenges. 

What do you most want to remember about how our family is right now?
You’re a tough interviewer!  I think I would have to say … everything.   

Any short term goals you are hoping to check off before bug's arrival?
Submitting my State of the Daddy!

How do you think Leo is going to adjust to big brotherhood?
Of course, I think Leo will be an amazing big brother.  I’m already so proud of the way he has embraced this phase of our lives, how he has engaged with and loved bug. 

What about you and I?  How do you think we will fare during the transition?
No doubt that we will fare well.  Not saying that we may not also be nervous and tired and cranky and overwhelmed, etc., but I very much believe that some of our most loving times have come out of similar periods.  I’m a little sad at the prospect of even less one on one time with you, but I already know that it will make the time that we do steal away even more special.  This is my biggest worry.  I agree that we've done great under stress in the past - but it's still hard.  And I already feel like I miss you just from being tired and pregnant.  Good thing we've got forever.

What are your best guesses as far as girl/boy and birth date?
I’m going to stick with Leo that bug will be a girl.  For due date, June 19.


  1. Touching answers. Thank you so much for sharing!


  2. anonymous6/21/2012

    you are such a beautiful family. i wish you many, many years of blessings and especially that the fruits of your loving engagement will lift you and everyone around you for years to come.

  3. You two (three, uhh soon to be four) are such a wonderful posterchild for the restoration of love and goodness in the world. Great job jb! I really love the second answer.

  4. Ead7556/21/2012

    What a wonderful and supportive daddy/spouse! Leo and Bug are lucky, for sure! Best to your whole family in these last few days before 3 become 4 :)

  5. jb manages to keep it zen when I'm a little less even - I guess that's why we make such a good team!