Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Like A Challenge - But Come On...

It's been a tough two weeks. Not bad, exactly; just tough. Last week was the first week of me flying mostly solo during the day. I was just starting to not be terrified of being left alone with both kids - I even got the three of us out of the house on a couple of occasions. Perhaps those outings did not go 100% smoothly - but I did it, and learned from my mistakes. I was starting to feel like I could do this.

Then the flu hit. Leo got it the worst and I was fairly sick also. Zoe seems to be healthy (thankfully), but she is still a newborn - even if she is easygoing, she stills needs to nurse, be changed and be held. So it's been...challenging.
Not to mention jb's work has been busy so not only could she not take a day off - she's been home late the last couple of nights. Luckily, my mom visited for a day and Uncle Daniel has been around for back up.

Poor Leo had a fever for a couple of days. He couldn't sleep because of congestion and coughing and lost his appetite. The kid actually refused blueberries. He didn't play much and barely talked. I think for a full day the only words out of his mouth (albeit repeatedly) were "Mama, hold me." so there was rarely a moment that I didn't have at least one baby in my arms - and often both were there.

Medicine helped bring Leo's fever down and raise his spirits a bit - but getting him to take it was a struggle every time. Forget the saline nasal spray.

We've watched quite a bit of TV and I have fed him just about anything he's willing to eat a few bites of. I figure we are in survival mode - we will get back on track eventually. Right? Right?!?!?

So, the hard part is that I am really feeling like I could use some space. Five minutes without holding a baby would be welcome. Going to the bathroom and feeding myself have been tougher tasks than they should be. Also, I have hundreds of emails to wade through, this is the first time I'm blogging in over a week (and it's from my phone, which I hate), and the house is a wreck.

On the flip side, as someone on the Facebook page astutely noted: there are far worse things than being trapped under two beautiful sleeping babies. I've gotten good at holding both my babies at once (which felt awkward and cumbersome at first). And - I feel like I passed a sink-or-swim trial. Perhaps I pulled off more of a doggy paddle than a butterfly stroke, but we kept our heads above water.


  1. Sometimes when life gets crazy the doggy paddle is all that any of us can manage. Wishing you calmer days and fewer fevers in the future.

  2. Jenny Kalinowski7/26/2012

    Do not be afraid to ask for help! Even if a friend could come by during the day and hold the baby. You could lay down for 20 minutes and get an uninterrupted shower. Going from one baby to two is very tough. I avoided going to the grocery store with them both for about six months. Thank you pea pod delivery! Hang in there and go easy on yourself.