Tuesday, July 17, 2012

West Philly Review: Lil Pop Shop

With Summer in full swing and heat wave after heat wave hitting the area I think it's the perfect time to review a new neighborhood favorite - The Lil Pop Shop.

The Lil Pop Shop, a gourmet popsicle stand, opened earlier this year on 44th St. between Locust and Spruce Streets. It has a bright little storefront with a chalkboard menu, large freezer full of delicious popsicles, and friendly staff that can answer questions about the flavors and ingredients. Popsicles go for $3 a piece (or a pop - ha!) and come in a rainbow of mouth watering flavors. There are a couple of tables with chairs and a little play area for kids to pretend to ring up wooden popsicles on a toy cash register. You can also catch The Lil Pop Shop's little yellow street cart around the city.

I have to admit that my first cheapskate reaction was "$3 for a popsicle? I could make one at home for pennies!" - but on a hot day with my own freezer blocks away, I stopped in and ordered up a blackberry goat cheese pop and haven't looked back. With unique, quality (and often local!) ingredients like rhubarb, coconut milk, sriracha, buttermilk, mint, curry, honey - what was in my freezer couldn't compare. The innovative flavor combinations change with the seasons (I'm looking forward to some pumpkin pops in the fall!) and they have dairy, non-dairy, vegan, and no sugar added (which is important to us) options available.

picture courtesy of @lilpopshop on twitter

I've tried a LOT of flavors because right after Zoe was born some friends of ours came bearing a couple dozen pops as a gift. And let me tell you - BEST GIFT EVER. I never would have thought of popsicles as a welcome baby (or any other kind of) present - but it was awesome to have a cool refreshing treat in the freezer (especially in June) as we welcomed guests and babymooned. Anyway, my point is that I've tried a pretty wide range of flavors and they have all been delicious. Like, knock your socks off delicious. No wonder they were named among the "Best Popsicles In America" by Food and Wine magazine.

I've changed my tune and now am sure that $3 for a great tasting and wholesome treat made with locally sourced ingredients that supports a local business is money well spent. Check 'em out.


  1. Excuse me, but can we go there with you, like, yesterday?

  2. Wow! My mouth is watering! I would definitely pay $3 for a Popsicle - that's less than a latte and sounds healthy and delicious!

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