Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Moving Day: 20 Chore Tuesday

We are moving!  Don't worry, we are still in West Philly - but it turns out that no matter how short a distance you are moving...it still kinda sucks.  The good news is that our new apartment is bangarang.

There are so many things I want to write about, but there are so many things that need to get done that there just isn't time.  I do have to write a to-do list, though, right?  So I may as well cross blogging off that list as I write it by joining Emily over at Joyful Abode in 20 Chore Tuesday!

Here are my moving day chores:

  1. Put contact paper up on bathroom windows (no shower peep show for the neighbors...)
  2. Set up crib
  3. Set up bassinet
  4. Set up area for art play among the thousands of boxes (so Leo has a spot while I do all this)
  5. Put up curtains in bedrooms
  6. Make a run for fridge basics
  7. Blog
  8. Set up diaper area
  9. Unpack (some) clothes for each kid and put in drawers
  10. Put the boxes with jb's and my clothes in our closets - at least
  11. Set up toiletries and bathroom basics
  12. Check in with my mother - Skype so kids can say "Hi!"
  13. Try to control some of this construction dust
  14. Put together bookshelf
  15. Unpack kitchen basics (dishes, forks, cups)
  16. Assemble our bed - frame, slats, mattress
  17. Make our bed - with sheets, pillows and blankets
  18. Set up swing and bouncers (so Zoe has a safe place to hang out while I do all this)
  19. Take Talula for a walk (poor thing is spending extra time in her crate because of all the workers coming in and out
  20. Get kids out of the house (will probably combine with 19 and/or 6)
Wish me luck!!


  1. 1200 life points for using the word bangarang in a sentence.

  2. Solitary Diner8/28/2012

    Hope all goes well. I can't imagine moving with two small kids in tow! It's hard enough when you're just one or two adults. Wishing you some time to relax when it's over.

  3. Ooh I must have missed something! Construction? New apartment? What's up? And must look up bangarang!

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