Friday, August 31, 2012

Sesame Place

Last week our family went to Sesame Place.  When I mentioned that we had been there to a friend her response was "With a two year old and a newborn?  You are crazy."  Crazy awesome, maybe.

The truth is it wasn't that hard because since the park is geared towards younger kids there are a lot of amenities available for families with young children.  There are bathrooms, benches, snack vendors, and nursing stations throughout.  They also have cabanas available for rent - which we were able to try out and they were a great place to change, recharge and get out of the sun for a bit.  You can even have lunch delivered to your cabana!

We hit the park early and started with the water rides.  There were some pretty awesome slides - but he was intimidated by most of the bigger attractions so we went in search of something more his speed.  Big Bird's Rambling River was just right for him (and me) - he also enjoyed the Teeny Tiny Tidal Wave (mini wave pool) and Ernie's Waterworks.  They are perfect for little kids his size - although I must say I'm excited to go back when he's big enough for some of the faster and splashier rides.

Big Bird's Rambling River

Leo checking out my tan lines while I nurse Zoe
When lunch time rolled around we headed back to the cabana to change out of our wet suits, nurse Zoe, reapply sunscreen and drink lots of water.  We knew we wanted to catch the parade after lunch and were excited to find out that cabana renters (and season pass holders) can attend a meet and greet with the characters before the parade.  It was especially good for our family because Leo was really interested in getting close to the characters - but was equally nervous about them.  The meet and greet was a great way for him to take his time milling around among them until he got comfortable enough to say hello.

Waiting to say "Hi" to Elmo

Watching the Parade with Daddy
After the parade we hit the rides.  Leo (at just a few months over two) LOVES the idea of rides, but tsn't ready to wait in line or ride by himself - luckily there were a good amount of options that we ride together.  As we made our way from one end of the park to the other he began to fade.  (We weren't able to convince him to take a nap in the cabana.)

Just before calling it a day we stopped for an ice-cream cone - to end the day on an extra sweet note.  The kid slept like a rock that night - and still talks about "where Bert and Ernie live."  I'm really glad we had the opportunity to spend a fantastic summer day there.

Disclaimer: Sesame Place provided us with passes and the Cabana rental for review.  All opinions are my own (or Leo's).


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