Sunday, November 4, 2012

You Are Gonna Vote, Right?

I imagine it's pretty clear that I will be voting on Tuesday.  It should also be obvious that I will be casting my ballot for Barack Obama.  In fact, I will be voting the straight democratic ticket, as I usually do.

Sometimes it's difficult to care about a lot of issues - to have intersecting identities and be part of different communities that may find themselves at odds from time to time.  LGBT issues, immigration reform, schools and education, healthcare, the right to organize, women's rights, a living wage, , preserving peace...  There are so many things to care about.  So many issues and causes fighting for attention, funding, and action.

For this presidential election though, my choice is easy: I am SURE that Obama will make better decisions about ALL of these issues that Romney would. EVERY SINGLE ISSUE that is important to me: Obama is on the right side. I will cast my vote with confidence.  

I imagine that if you read this blog you are a winning combination of someone who is open-minded, smart, and cares about my family.  I don't need to join the chorus of phone calls, door-knocks, ads, and mailings reminding you to vote - or who to vote for.  But just in case - just in case it slipped your mind.  Just in case you were wondering where I stood.  Just in case you are interested in my opinion of what you should do.  I'm voting for Barack Obama this Tuesday and I hope you will, too.  


  1. Solitary Diner11/04/2012

    I (almost) wish I were an American so that I could cast a vote in support of Obama. Fingers crossed that everything goes well on Tuesday.

  2. Ditto what the Solitary Diner said.

  3. Love this and am going to share it as soon as I figure out how to do that from my phone. :)

  4. I have voted for him and will be one of those making calls again tomorrow. Excited for the day to be over tomorrow!