Friday, November 2, 2012

Zoe: Four Months

The Zoester is four months old!  And folks, we are deep in teething country.  There are no signs of actual teeth...but oh the drool!

As seems to be her personality, Zoe has remained upbeat so far, but does show some signs of discomfort including chewing, restless sleep and spontaneous crying.  Poor bug.

At 26.25 inches and 15 lb 12 oz she is at the 95th and 90th percentile for height and weight respectively.  
Some things left over from last month that I neglected to include: rolling over and discovering hands and feet.  I was chastised for not mentioning these major milestones, but I had other priorities - like pointing out her giant ears.  Anyway, she can roll in both directions and is becoming more and more in control of when and how that happens.  She spends minutes (which is hours in baby time) staring at her hands and feet and tries to convey via coos how amazing they are.  

She has perfected the lower lip pout - and has an instinct about when to pull it out.  She already has jb totally wrapped around her little finger.  Ok, and me too.

The Lip
She has also recently discovered screaming.  Not angry or sad screaming - just screaming.  She's always been pretty vocal, but over the last few days she has really taken it to the next level with some serious shrieking.

She makes some of the funniest faces - and always seems like she's photobombing our pictures.  She laughs at everything Leo does, watching everything he does and perks up at the sound of his voice.

She is showing a LOT of interest in food.  She is freakishly strong and will pull my hand toward her mouth if it's holding food.  Leo never showed much interest in food until later - more like 7 or 8 months old.  We are still holding off on solids for at least one more month.

Always with the chewing and the drooling
(Zoe, not jb...)
She is very interested in play.  She likes her toys and tickling games.  When placed on the floor on her tummy she moves around a lot, but I never see her actually travelling...  It's more like I take my eyes off her for a moment and then she's two feet over when I look again.  I think it's more foot propelled spinning than scooting - but girl can move.

Leo is finding new and creative ways to involve her in his play.  He will bring her toys, ask her "opinion" about the direction their imaginative play should take, and follow her cues.  I'm still constantly reminding him to be gentle - but I think my warnings lose their severity when she giggles after he all but crushes her.

She's wearing 6-9 month clothes - and the 12 month stuff doesn't look huge on her.  Her blond/lighter hair shimmers under her baby black hair.  She's really sturdy - can easily be held with one arm on your hip.  She's still happy, happy, happy and eager to please.  She's perfect.


  1. lovelovelove this post! Glad to see that she is a big healthy girl! She is nothing short of a perfect angel face in these fotos! I'm so eager to see play btwn Leo and Zoe!

  2. Love the pout !! already 4 mos. old !!??

  3. CoffeeBlue11/02/2012

    She is growing up so fast!! I nominated you for a Liebster Award. You can check out more info here:

  4. Zoe is so FUN! What a face. Jonah just hit the 5 month mark and I think he's hovering at 16 lbs. No rolling yet, but I think it's because he doesn't want to. He scoots all over a mat and is well on his way to sitting up.

    Right there with you on the drool and chewing EVERYTHING. We're also hitting our first nursing strike. Wheeeee! Hope you guys survived the storm without too much trouble.