Saturday, December 29, 2012

Zoe: Six Months

This kid...she's happy.  My wish for her is that she is able to hold onto this innate happiness for the rest of her life.  Zoe turned six months old just before Christmas.  There's a lot more of the same - cute, smiley, babiness.

Still no teeth.  I thought there was a tooth.  I even announced it on facebook and cried a little about the milestone - but apparently I was mistaken.  I could have SWORN...maybe it peeked out and retracted back up.  Yeah, that must be it.

She's still on the only a taste here and there of solid food plan.  Mostly because we are (again) at my parents' home for a few weeks and I really just don't want to be dealing with solid food diapers while not in the comfort of my own home.  Is that a valid reason for delaying solids?  I don't know.  Come mid January and she can have all the sweet potatoes she wants.

Oh the chub!
She can sit pretty well.  There is still the occasional tumble over, but she's pretty reliable on her bum.  She can scoot well and in the direction she wants to go - before she could scoot but even if she wanted to go forward she would end up going backwards or sideways.  She gets up on all fours and rocks a lot and will even do what looks like downward dog - but no crawling.

So Loved

She's pretty much in 12m clothes and will even rock the occasional 18m piece.  Unbelievable.  She always wants to have a toy (or something) in her hands.  Leo wasn't really into toys - he preferred to watch people.  Zoe wants something in her hands at all times.

Double Trouble Sink Bath!
Her babbling is taking on new consonant sounds and she has a new laugh.  It's like a cross between heavy breathing and Ernie's (from Sesame Street) laugh.  It's awesome.  A surefire way to get her to whip out that laugh is to make a puppet talk to her.  She LOVES that.

Sleeping under daddy's desk at the office holiday party
Zoe is pretty sensitive to loud noises.  She is pretty easily startled and will cry if a noise is especially loud.  She whips her head around when she hears a new voice, especially of a lower register.  She is pretty easy going about Leo constantly ripping toys out of her hand (it's like her holding something he hasn't paid any attention to for weeks suddenly reminds him that he LOVES whatever it is).  We are trying to implement the ask first and then provide her with a new toy.  It's...a work in progress.

At Play

She's not sleeping quite as soundly as before (teething?) and is woken up by noise - which Leo is making constantly; even when he's being calm and good.  So because of this I've been putting her to nap in the bedroom - which is wildly weird.  Leo was RARELY in a different room than I was at this age.
Oh Hi!
She also like to be set down.  Like on the floor or in a chair.  Leo NEVER wanted to be out of arms.  Sometimes she gets fussy and I can't figure out why and it turns out she just wants me to put her down. It's bittersweet.  It's almost as though she's like, "Enough with this attachment parenting thing, mama.  I need some space!"


On the other hand, she never complains about being worn in a carrier.  She's almost exclusively worn on my back these days as she's a bit heavy for a front carry.

We really got our money's worth
out of this antler headband

And?  And?  I don't know.  I guess that's a lot.  And I've got even more pictures.  Here's hoping the second half of her first year is as great as the first.

Sweet Dreams

Ever get the feeling someone is watching you?

annnnnd out


This is basically every picture of the two of them lately

Happy Happy Happy


  1. Hunka hunka burnin' love!

    She's so beautiful. And fun. Jonah may be a month older, but you wouldn't know it. We're just now squeezing out of6 month clothes! He's about where Zoe is re: sitting, but no moves toward crawling yet.

    Yay babies! Wishing all y'all a great new year. Xo

  2. Kathy C.1/06/2013

    She's an absolute DOLL. Well, they both are really. You sure do have pretty children.