Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Year in Review: 2012

What a Year!  Right now I'm very sick (Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!) with a cough and cold - but aside from that, things look promising for 2013.  I can't believe this is the SIXTH year in review post this blog is seeing.  That's half as long as jb and I have been together (yes, we are approaching our dozen year anniversary in just a few months).  As I looked back over my calendar and posts to compile this walk down memory lane I was struck by how fortunate we are and how grateful I am for our health, love and happiness.  Here's to another fantastic year.

So what went down this year? Let's review:

  • Zoe was born!  
  • We took three trips to DC. One with just Leo (Zoe still in utero), one with just Zoe (Leo at Abi's) and one with both kids.
  • Leo and I went to Mexico with my mother.
  • We had a Poconos weekend getaway.
  • We visited NYC.
  • jb has been excelling at work and has been promoted and taken on a lot of responsibility.
  • Leo turned TWO - and we are living all the terrific and trying things that go along with that age.
  • Leo moved into his own bed, and back into ours, and back into his and is now sleeping wherever he darn well pleases.
  • Uncle Daniel moved (back) in.
  • I had a few more freelance and other writing opportunities - most notable CafeMom, ErgoBaby and Lesbian Family.
  • I was in the Philadelphia Listen To Your Mother cast and performed alongside some amazing writers.
  • We visited the polls twice and our country re-elected President Barack Obama and marriage equality won at the polls for the first time - FOUR times over.
  • We hit up TWO amusement parks: Dorney Park and Sesame Place. 
  • We moved to a new, bigger apartment.
  • I joined the Philadelphia Family Pride board
  • Leo is wearing underwear and using the potty full time.
  • Uncle Jared and Aunt Mallory got married!
  • Leo all but abandoned napping.  
  • Leo had his first overnight away from both jb and I.  He spent four nights with Abi in Pittsburgh before we joined them for Thanksgiving.

Still feeling nostalgic after all that? Here are the recaps for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.

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  1. Hannah1/09/2013

    Here's hoping you feel better soon!