Monday, January 14, 2013

Snow Day

My brother just texted me this picture which is all that is left of Leo's first real snow day.  He was too small to really interact with the snow much during his first winter.  Last winter (his second winter) there was hardly any snow and we missed the one day that actually had any accumulation.  This year I wasn't going to let him miss what could be the only snow we saw.  So when it began snowing in Pittsburgh I was determined to bundle this kid up and send him out to play.  The trick is I had left his snow pants, boots, and even mittens in Philly.  Never one to let details set me back I did my best to bundle him up with what we had on hand.

That looked something like this:

At least he had his coat with him.  Uncle Nick lent him a hat and scarf that fit him well enough - but that's where the appropriateness ends.  He wore mismatched gigantic gloves on his tiny hands.  I put three pairs of pants on him, three pairs of socks - and when we got to his shoes he asked if I was going to put three pairs of shoes on.  But alas, only the one pair of shoes would fit on his feet at a time, so we wrapped them in plastic bags.  The plastic bags did a great job at keeping his feet dry, but were rather slippery on the snow - which made for some hilarious scenes whenever he tried to walk up a hill.

Perhaps he looked a bit ridiculous, but he had a freaking fantastic time.  He stayed warm during his first snow angel and a snowball fight with Aunt Lissa and Uncle Nick.  And while he lacked dexterity in those large puffy gloves, he did help make his first snowman.

And he was so proud of that little snowman he helped pat into shape.  It was right outside my parent's backdoor and he would check on it each day after we built it.

And what snow day would be complete without hot cocoa?  Up unti this day the only hot cocoa he's had was warm milk with unsweetened cocoa powder mixed in - but Abi gave him the good stuff.  She had Abuelita mexican hot cocoa waiting for him when he came inside.  

Now that we are back in Philly with all the appropriate snow gear on hand, I'm hoping we get at least one more snow this season.


  1. Sounds like an incredible day!! How fun :) Zoe looks hilarious in that picture btw <3

  2. That picture of him flat on his back made me laugh! It may have been making snow angels but I saw it just after reading about his slippery shoes/bags. I also think the pic of him with the snowman is lovely! He's so pleased with it :-) Happy new year! Nga mihi o te tau hou.

  3. Anonymous1/15/2013

    Duh, the bread bags go inside the shoes! Between the 2nd & 3rd pairs of socks...I grew up in the south before global warming, so we didn't have the gear but we did reliably get one or 2 snow days a year (it only takes 3-4 inches to shut down Atlanta & have fantastic sledding on all those hills!)

  4. SO cute!! I am also hoping for one more snow in Philly. Over a weekend would be ideal. :)