Friday, February 22, 2013

Private Eye

*Me chewing discretely*

Leo: Mama, what did you eat?

Mama: What do you think I ate?

Leo: I don't know.  What is it?

Mama: What do you think it is?

Leo: Chocolate.

Mama: Why do you think it's chocolate?

Leo: Because I smell chocolate.

Mama:  Well, there you go.  Very good detective skills.


  1. HAHA. Yes, I got caught once. We still say, "WHATCHU GOT?! LEMME SEE," whenever someone tries to sneak a piece of candy. Memories. :)

  2. Rachael2/24/2013

    That's awesome! It makes me glad my daughter doesn't really talk yet. She notices these things, but she can't voice them yet!