Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Zoe: Eight Months

Zo-za-belle is eight months old!  And - drumroll....we have a tooth!!  It broke through the very day she turned eight months old.  This may explain why she has not been quite as content as usual.  There has been a spike in shrieking and she does NOT like it if I step out of the room she's in.

Zoe` has developed some quirky fears - most notably of the green rubber gloves jb wears to wash dishes.  Zoe will whimper and shriek in clear distress if jb comes near her wearing them.  Zoe also seems to have an intense dislike for balloons (which were Leo's FAVORITE at this age) and swings (as in sitting in them and swinging - which was also Leo's FAVORITE thing in the world at this age).

She is waving - and when she does it, it sounds like she's saying "Hiiiiii."  She likes to sing along when I sing to her - just kind of making "ahhhhh" sounds softly and, in my opinion, melodically.  She also really likes call and response games like echoing sounds or "startling" us with an "eh!" If we continue to act startled at each "eh!" she will keep doing it indefinitely with many, many giggles.

She certainly got the hang of eating.  She can down a whole jar of puree in one sitting and can chow down on finger foods.  She will not stand for people eating in front of her without sharing.  Her favorites are scrambled eggs, banana-blueberry oatmeal cookies (baked with love by Leo), and cheerios.

After a blueberry-banana cookie

She recognizes her name and will turn to look at the appropriate person if we say "Where's _____?"

She is pulling up and is very happy standing to play.  She is scooting on her belly quite fast and will get up to crawl on hands an knees for a few paces before getting frustrated and dropping back down to her belly to go quicker.

At her pediatrician appointment she was in the 95th percentile for height and the 75th percentile for weight - weighing in at 19 lbs and one oz.  She's a big girl!  And we are all so happy she's ours.

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