Monday, April 1, 2013

Welcome Springtime!

We had a lovely Easter and wonderful visit with family in Pittsburgh.  Now we are back at home and trying to welcome (a somewhat reluctant) spring.

I feel so lucky that our holiday table is so well populated.  My family and jb's family gathered together for the meal.  Leo has no concept that having both sides of his family together several times a year is special.  It's all he's ever known.

Easter Table Set

Zoe slept through most of dinner, but Leo ate enough for both of them.

Table Seated

I made dessert and since Grandma Hoerner's had recently sent us some pie fillings (loved that they contained no corn syrup or preservatives!) I had a little extra time to get fancy with the crust.  The bunny pie is apple and the tulip pie is peach.  Yum!

Easter Pies

Leo had his first egg hunt and he LOVED it.  I think the family liked hiding the eggs and giving him hints just as much.  It was very soggy outside so we kept it indoors - but it was still a blast.  We hid 48 eggs filled with stickers, pretzels, animal crackers and a few with a single jelly belly jellybean.  Leo was beyond thrilled about the jellybeans.  He'd heard tell of these magical candies (thank you alphabet books that can't think of anything better for "J") and has been asking to try one for over a year.  I think the pear flavor may have blown his mind.

Egg Hunt
We also assembled an Easter basket with some gardening supplies, a butterfly net, a (small) chocolate bunny and two pouches of Annie's fruit snacks.

Leo was pretty excited - and waited to eat the chocolate bunny until after dinner.

Easter Basket
Oh, I also made my kids wear these:

Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere

It was lovely - even if the weather couldn't decide between snowstorms and warm and sunny.  Leo is itching to put his new gardening tools to use and I'm ready for a steady stream of sunshine - so bring it on, Springtime!

With Uncle Chris

Welcome Spring!

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  1. addie métivier4/03/2013

    the pear flavor is the BEST!