Wednesday, June 26, 2013


What an intense 24 hrs.

Yesterday morning The Supreme Court released a decision that gutted the Voting Rights Act.

Last night Wendy Davis led a 13 hour filibuster that stopped a bill that would have virtually ended abortion rights in Texas.

This morning The Supreme Court declared DOMA unconstitutional and Prop 8 was struck down.

It's been a wild - and conflicted ride.

The invalidation of DOMA and Prop 8 is very moving.  I spent several weeks in CA working against Prop 8 - leading up to that very heartbreaking vote.  I witnessed the protests in the aftermath.  It was a personal fight for me even though I'm not a Californian.  And DOMA - well, obviously.  The decisions brought joy, relief, and a flood of emotion.

Still, I haven't forgotten that the same supreme court, just yesterday dismantled voting rights protections that are still so important.  Not to mention some of the other disappointing decisions handed down this week - with blows to workers rights, people of color, and indigenous people.  It's not all roses and sunshine at SCOTUS.

It was inspiring to watch Wendy Davis (literally) stand up for women - and to see the grassroots activists turn out to stop SB5.  Amazing.

But - how is this bill (and so many other bills legislating women's bodies) even being introduced?  How does it come so close to being passed?

It's hard to wrap my mind around all these highs and lows.  Today, I'm going to focus on today.  We got good news - and I had the fortune of being a room full of LGBT activists when the rulings came down.  Then I got to come home and hug my babies.  We didn't need the Supreme Court to tell us our family is legitimate - but the validation and protections these decisions will provide families like ours are so important.  So - let's celebrate, but also remember that the struggle continues.

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  1. I let my 17 year old daughter go to San Francisco today with a group of her friends. (Sending your kid into the city without you for the first time is scary!) I feel so fortunate that she is able to witness history being made, up close with a huge LGBT community. Let's hope that marriage equality is accepted in every state soon. The times are changing and I'm so glad to see this change!