Thursday, June 27, 2013

Perspective: #ClothDiapers

Once, early in our cloth diapering career (yes, we are still using cloth diapers full time!), I had a conversation with an acquaintance who was fascinated with the fact that we put reusable diapers on our baby.  She kind of thought we were insane, but I didn't care because I took any excuse to talk about cloth diapers.  Best case scenario: maybe I'd convince her it wasn't totally icky. Worst case scenario: I get to talk about cloth diapers!  Win-win.

She asked question after question.  "Do you have to touch the poop?"  "Do you have to use pins to keep them together?"  "Do you carry a dirty diaper around with you if change him while you are out?"  "Does it take a long time to change a cloth diaper?"

Eventually our conversation turned to our washing routine.  I told her about our awesome wet bags that could hold a ton of diapers, didn't stink and were easy to carry to the laundry room or travel with.  I told her all about the special soap we started using and how we love it so much we started using it on all our clothes and linens.  Suddenly a horrified look crossed her face.

Acquaintance:  You don't wash the diapers with the rest of your laundry do you?
Me: Oh goodness no!  I wouldn't think of it!
Acquaintance:  (nervous laughter) Oh thank heavens.  For a second I thought you just threw it all in together!
Me:  (laughing along with her)  Ewwww.  No way!

We giggled a bit more...and then it hit me.  *She* thought the idea of putting the diapers in with our other laundry was gross because she thought there would be poop all over our clothes.  *I* thought it was gross because all the residue from our antiperspirant and other toiletries would gunk up my cloth - not to mention the synthetic dyes and chemicals that may be on our clothes ruining my organic cotton inserts!  

Well, at least we agreed that it was a bad idea.  I did of course assure her that I wouldn't keep putting the same diapers on my baby's bum if I wasn't confident that they got totally clean when we washed them.  I'm sure the diapers - and anything washed with them are sanitary.  

These days I've relaxed a bit and we do mixed loads of diapers and other laundry - but I still wouldn't use a detergent with an added fragrance!


  1. Iris Wise7/02/2013

    What an awesome experience you have here. I really appreciate your effort in sharing all these. I am an avid user of cloth diapers for my baby. I really find this great. Other than being frugal, cloth diapers are very much environmental friendly as well. Thanks!

  2. How many diapers did you start with or do you need to start cloth diapering? What soap should you you use to keep them safe and clean..These question I can't figure out...I want to cloth diaper in the worst way! I love the idea I just don't have any idea how or where to start! Our baby is not born yet so I have time to get these things together! any insight on how to get started would be much appreciated! (p.s my older daughter (12 years old) has been calling my spouse Daddy/Dad for years! This baby will do the same, I love the idea! The word Dad fits her to a T!) Great Blog!